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My Story

I appreciate SAS Performing Arts Company working to flourish the arts during these times. 

Michelle Capano



In a time where those of us pursuing creative careers have been faced with unprecedented insecurity and a dearth of opportunity, SAS Performing Arts Company has stepped up to provide a professional, supportive and meaningful creative experience through their virtual season of shows. The shows are filled with a great level of talent where you feel valued and reminded that the arts are more important than ever. They have raised virtual theatre to a new standard and I hope their journey and their contributions both to artists and the theatrical world continue for years to come!

Luisa Sabella


Queen of Hearts Croquet.png

The SAS Performing Arts Company is a fantastic group to work for and with.  As a beginner actor, they saw something in me and took a chance.  The cast of well seasoned actors were welcoming and supportive in my growth and receptive to my feedback.  Their productions have been a great outreach during this pandemic as they are not only bringing these productions to homes around the world, but also bringing actors from all over together to share their art with the world.  The entire company has helped me grow in my art and those of us in the Company are fortunate to have the opportunities that the SASPAC has offered.  The world is truly better with SAS Performing Arts Company in it.


Dave Maynard


Working with SAS Performing Arts Company has been a fantastic experience!  The people are friendly and inviting, and the atmosphere professional.  I've also been very impressed with the ambition and rapid growth in capability by the company leadership in terms of the several shows we've managed to mount in the last four months! 
While I certainly miss the live theatre of my home market (Chicago) and look forward to its return, getting a chance to meet and play with all these lovely people in a whole new city has been a real bright spot in all the upheaval going on in this industry.


Chris Lysy


Chris Lysy.jpg
Red queen.jpg

Being involved with SAS Performing Arts Company, especially during these trying times, has been nothing short of a blessing and an honor. 

Their continuously positive, kind, and generous spirits have led to truly collaborative productions. The leadership has shown a remarkable readiness to adapt to the shifting natures of the business, such as online productions. Throughout this process, constructive input has always been encouraged and appreciated.

I am genuinely grateful for their continued investment in us artists at a time when opportunities are few and far between.


Elisabeth Ritscher



When the world was shut down, SAS found a way to keep the arts alive and flourishing under extremely challenging circumstances. I participated in an online concert, and while the logistics were somewhat challenging due to the fault of absolutely no one - nothing beats a stage, after all - the experience was overwhelmingly positive and ultimately quite fulfilling. SAS made it work. They refused to let the pandemic stifle the music and let us sing out loud. Company leadership is what sets SAS apart from its peers. Empathetic, kind, and hardworking people are at the helm here, and they are certified experts in the field of opera. I was overwhelmingly supported. Please don't sleep on this organization. It is a safe space for singers who want to expand their performance experience, and it deserves considerable public attention and financial support.

Michelle Drever


Working with SAS during the pandemic has been an incredible experience. In a time when we were unable to participate in and consume live theatre, Steve and the SAS team put so much effort into re-creating the experience as much as possible, ensuring that each actor had access to props and costumes and finding beautiful backdrops to create the world of each play. Even over Zoom, SAS has been able to cultivate a community of kind, hilarious, talented individuals, and I felt like I was able to get to know many of them as if we had been in person. Additionally, Steve’s expertise as a theatre practitioner makes for enjoyable seminars, where he provides brief yet in-depth and interactive overviews of dense topics including the history of musical theatre and the work of Stephen Sondheim.

Michael E. Miller


White Rabbit.jpg
Kevin Allen.jpg

I had a great time working with Stephen Scovasso and SAS PERFORMING ARTS. Stephen has a great way of taking talented performers from different walks of life and at different stages of their careers and building them into a wonderful ensemble. I applaud the work SAS is doing to keep the arts alive virtually and in person. I'm grateful that SAS gave me an opportunity to do more of what I love. I know that Stephen and his team will continue to inspire performers and audiences alike.

Kevin J Allen


March Hare.jpg

I was lucky enough to perform in two (2) SAS productions during 2021. The artists involved were passionate, extremely hardworking, and undeterred by challenges brought on by the technology and learning curve associated with digital theatre. I saw a complete dedication to the idea that the show must go on, and an even greater conviction that the show must be great. 

Keenan Odenkirk


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