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Acting should be natural and easy, as if an extension of yourself, as you assume the character and live their persona relaxed and freely. Yet, in order to achieve this, the actor must have a good foundation and a sturdy structure where their character lives.

This is achieved through study, focus, control, and imagination.  The following classes will give participants the tools they need to build a strong foundation and a durable acting method. Our participants can discover nuance and experiment with numerous individual choices and discover the answers to very real problems that are presented to them in a protected atmosphere where actions and reactions can be studied, debated, and practiced without judgment.

Due to Covid-19, some classes are currently presented over the Zoom media platform

 SAS Dramatic Arts Studios

"Stephen Scovasso is an amazing director who gives constant encouragement to his actors and singers, and because of that their talent and confidence in their work grows. I can say that because that's what it's done for me. He also cultivates a safe, understanding and wonderful work environment for all of his actors, which is a blessing."

Tyler VanTassel


Dramatic Actress
Actors Reading Script
Actors Reading Script

Specialty Workshops

Script Analysis

Scene Study

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