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What Do We Do?

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Our training programs have now moved to a zoom platform. They continue to benefit all performers, regardless of their level of expertise and further the education and the development of each artist. 

SAS Performing Arts Studios offers a performance-driven program called ROLE (Repertory Online Learning Events).  This program is designed for the aspiring professional performer whose goal is to become a complete artist. All of our studios focus on acting, role preparation, languages/diction, appearance, audition techniques, and the business of performance. At various times during the year, we will offer master classes by visiting artists. Our program is designed and conducted to be supportive, friendly, and constructive for all who attend.  Participants learn and polish their skills while studying, rehearsing, and performing. They typically range in experience from university undergraduates to working professionals.

The studios are separated into distinct divisions as follows: 


  • Dramatic Arts Studio will concentrate on techniques for the actor building upon a foundation to strengthen their abilities to create characters through the script, script analysis, and scene study, as well as understanding the style of the work they are bringing to life in performance.  


  • American Musical Theater Studio will focus on the various musical and dramatic characteristics of the American Musical Theater canon as well as The Great American Songbook, with emphasis on text, diction, and musical style. 


  • Opera Studio programs feature preparation and performance of scenes, acts, or complete operas.  We emphasize the ability to create, build, and sustain a character-based on a complete understanding of the text and the style of the music you are preparing. At various times during the year, we will offer language and master classes by visiting artists such as singers, conductors, and managers.

  • The Maestro's Podium focuses specifically on the art of conducting. Workshops will cover baton technique, score reading, and podium etiquette. We also delve into the psychological art of being a leader.  Workshops to begin in 2021.

Our programs are constructed with the goal of acquiring and polishing skills through a process of preparation, study (where participants are given the maximum amount of attention and interaction), and finally, performance to put into action the acquired skills learned during the program. 


Also, we are eager to offer our participants the prospect to practice our principles of study, create, focus, and perform in our theatrical presentations being cast alongside professionals as part of our Company events. These productions rehearse for roughly five weeks before the performance at various venues throughout the year. These events, which are open to the public, represent a culmination of both rehearsal, focus, and study affords the prospect of displaying all of the creativity, knowledge, and technique acquired by the actor. Repertory will be selected from works by Classic and contemporary works.

Participants range in experience from university undergraduates/graduates to the working professional. The faculty consists of specialists in their respective fields of expertise. 

Class vs Workshop vs Performance

SAS Performing Arts Studios offer both class training, workshop sessions, and performance opportunities.

Class training is the act of providing information, instruction, developing skills, and knowledge to a student or someone interested in acquiring additional knowledge. Workshops, on the other hand, are training events. Also, a workshop can be seen as a class that may be part of a larger educational offering.

In a workshop, time is given for the participants to perfect the techniques and methods that are being offered. This can be achieved either on their own or in a group setting.  In most programs, there will a class performance for the participants.

SAS Performing Arts Studios will also look to cast participants in our main-stage productions.