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   Organization, Foundation, Preparation, Execution


  1. Organization - an efficient and orderly approach to tasks.

  2. Foundation - an underlying basis or principle.

  3. Preparation - something done to get ready for an event or undertaking.

  4. Execution - the technique or style with which an artistic work is produced or carried out.            


The SAS Opera Studio offers a performance driven workshop, ROLE (Role Onstage Learning Events), designed for the aspiring professional opera singer whose goal is to become a complete artist. Our workshop will benefit all performers, regardless of their level of expertise and further the education and the development of each artist. During the year, our workshop will feature  complete operas, scene recitals, master classes, and a summer program.

Rehearsal and coaching are an integral part of the schedule. Our staff will guide the performers through the linguistic, dramatic, and musical styles, in addition to the technical vocal demands of each of the roles that they have been assigned. These workshops will not teach vocal technique.

Each program will have a music director, rehearsal accompanist, and stage director assigned to it.   Productions include limited technical assistance and will be accompanied by either a piano or chamber orchestra. Each program will conclude in a public performance.*

*All participants in the SAS Opera Workshops will be given the opportunity to perform based on SAS Performing Arts Guidelines

Master Classes

"In the Spotlight"

Summer 2020

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