Organization, Foundation, Preparation, Execution


  1. Organization - an efficient and orderly approach to tasks.

  2. Foundation - an underlying basis or principle.

  3. Preparation - something done to get ready for an event or undertaking.

  4. Execution - the technique or style with which artistic work is produced or carried out.            


SAS Opera Studio offers a performance-driven workshop, ROLE (Role Onstage Learning Events), designed for the aspiring professional opera singer whose goal is to become a complete artist. Our workshop will benefit all performers, regardless of the level of expertise, and further the artist's education and development. Our studio will feature scene recitals, master classes, and a summer program each year.

Our staff will guide the performers through the linguistic, dramatic, and musical styles and the technical vocal demands of each of their assigned roles. These workshops will not teach vocal technique.
Each program will have an accompanist, and stage director assigned to it.  Each program will conclude in a public performance.


We are eager to offer our participants the prospect of practicing our principles of study, create, focus, and perform being cast alongside professional actors as part of our SAS Concert Opera productions. These productions rehearse for roughly Four weeks before the performance at various venues throughout the year. These events, which are open to the public, represent a culmination of both rehearsal, focus, and study affords the prospect of displaying all of the creativity, knowledge, and technique acquired by the actor. Repertory will be selected from works by Classic and contemporary composers.


Master Classes

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SAS Vocal Competitions

Fall 2021

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