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SAS Performing Arts Company Concert Opera focuses its efforts to promote the operatic art form by bringing this music, in concert format, for audiences to enjoy thus enriching our community's cultural life. The concert presentation makes this intricate art form more accessible to our audiences.  All operas are performed in their original languages.  The exhilarating connection generated between music, text, and drama will become more immediate in this intimate atmosphere.

SAS Concert Opera programs performances of acknowledged masterpieces as well as rarely performed works that deserve a more extensive hearing.  We introduce the brilliant talents of emerging artists together with professional opera singers. Our season is comprised of complete concert operas, young audience events, and individual artist recitals. 

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A season of love, magic, and passion.

Mozart: Le Nozze di Figaro

Oct 2, 2022


Le Nozze di Figaro or The Marriage of Figaro is Mozart's iconic comedy of servants and nobility, marriage  and fidelity.  It is the story of how the servants, Figaro and Susanna, succeed in getting married, foiling the efforts of their philandering employer Count Almaviva to seduce Susanna and teaching him a lesson in the meaning of love.

Sung in Italian.

Advance Sale tickets at $20. 

Use the code: LOVE for a 20% discount off total ticket purchase. (PRESALE ONLY)

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Rossini: Cinderella

February, 2023


Everyone is familiar with the story of Cinderella, immortalized by the French author Charles Perrault. Yet this is not quite the story of the Rossini version of Cinderella. There are the wicked stepsisters, there is a wicked Stepfather and instead of a fairy godmother Rossini gives us a mysterious man who seems to have magical powers. The voices sparkle, flow forth and mingle in arias and ensembles punctuated with clever puns and witticisms: this is Rossini’s musical comedy at its finest which he wrote when he was only 24 in just three weeks. There is certainly some magic in that!

Sung in Italian.

Advance Sale tickets at $20.00 

Use the code: MAGIC for a 10% discount off of total ticket purchase.(PRESALE ONLY)

NYC - February 12, 2023 3:00pm

Newark, NJ -  TBA

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Puccini: Il Trittico

March 2023


In December of 1918, at the Metropolitan Opera,

Giacomo Puccini unveiled a new work with the company, a triptych of one-act operas, called Il Trittico: Il Tabarro (The Cloak) Suor Angelica (Sister Angelica) and Gianni Schicchi.  These three diverse operas of Puccini have a powerful unifying theme: the effect of death on those left living (the English word would be “triptych,” as in the three part altarpiece paintings of the Middle Ages). Each is told with a distinctive musical and linguistic language—the tragic and veristic Il Tabarro, the mystical and reflective Suor Angelica, and a masterful tale of comic retribution, Gianni Schicchi. These operas are easy for an audience to absorb and enjoy at first hearing, and thus are wonderful first operas for newcomers to the form in that they give the public a wide variety of styles in a single evening; for opera veterans, Il Trittico provides a unique architectural change in what it usually thought of as Italian opera. It was Puccini’s wish that the three operas always be performed together.

In NYC - March 12, 2023 3:00pm

In Newark, NJ - TBA

Advance Sale tickets at $20.00 

Use the code: TRIO for a 10% discount off of total ticket purchase.

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Opera Concert

Maria Callas Centenary

April 30, 2023

Maria Callas captured the imagination like few other artists – for many she is the ultimate opera singer. Dubbed ‘La Divina’, hailed by Bernstein as ‘the Bible of opera’, she was revered as much for the expressive power and emotional truthfulness of her performances as for her voice itself.

In the centenary year of her birth, SAS Performing Arts Concert Opera pays tribute with a concert featuring music closely associated with this legendary singer. Composers such as Bellini, Donizetti, Verdi, and Puccini will be featured in this program of arias, duets and ensembles which reflects her versatility in musicianship, artistry, and repertoire will be sung by some of opera’s rising young stars, as we pay homage one of the most celebrated and Iconic diva in operatic history.

In NYC - April 30, 2023 3:00pm

Advance Sale tickets at $20.00 

Use the code: DIVA for a 10% discount off of total ticket purchase. (PRESALE ONLY)


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