Our company's mission focuses on creating opportunities for emerging artists to study, perfect their craft, and achieve their goals in a safe, artistically inclusive, socially impactful, and relevant environment. Furthermore, we are dedicated to grow, sustain, and educate our community audience by presenting classic and contemporary works in performances that are fully accessible and cost-efficient for patrons.
In return, performers and audience members will better understand the world by viewing it through the lens that only the arts can provide.




We envision a fostering environment for both the artist and audience where:


  • the performer can connect with their inner creative self.

  • the performer can expand their horizons with study.

  • the performer acquires the skills to project confidence in their purpose and contribution.

  • the audience can connect with the creativity of the past, present, and future.

  • the audience expands their horizons by the experience. 

  •  the audience rewards the performer with a sign of appreciation.

The SAS Performing Arts Company and Studios, Inc.

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Telephone: (646) 858-9918

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SAS Performing Arts Company and Studio, Inc. is a proud member OPERA AMERICA and The New York Alliance of Resident Theatres.

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