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SAS Performing Arts Company and Studio Inc. founded by Musicologist and Conductor Stephen Scovasso and Patron of the Arts Alberto Benitez, offers the singing artist an invaluable gift during this season of pandemic; the opportunity of performing for an audience in a safe virtual format.


During this uncertain period of theater closures, Messrs. Scovasso and Benitez have invested their time, talent into creating and maintaining an enthusiastic digital audience with musical selections from opera, musical theater as well as sacred music.


My fourteen years singing leading Mezzo-Soprano roles at the Metropolitan Opera were seen by an audience of a few thousand opera enthusiasts. The SAS Performing Arts Company has the possibility of reaching an audience of millions of music lovers around the world through their Internet performances.


It has been my pleasure to participate in these marvelous music events with colleagues on the precipice of major careers as well as remarkably talented and seasoned stars who have had the chance to sing new and unusual repertoire. I salute the SAS Performing Arts Company which promotes musical excellence in vocal performance and serves as a priceless asset to the community of singing artists.



Dr. Isola Jones

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I worked with SAS Opera on Puccini’s Il Trittico, a tremendous undertaking for a small company, and I was very taken with not only the artistic interpretation, but also Steve’s knowledge of, and reverence to the score. Steve, is one of the kindest men in the business, and he intentionally elevates anyone who is lucky enough to collaborate with him. Bravo, SAS!

Rebecca Kidnie Soprano

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I have now worked with SAS Concert Opera twice and I hope to again and again! Maestro Scovasso not only brings together casts of incredible artists, but is also a wonderful and giving conductor. He is incredibly supportive of his singers both on and offstage. He wants the absolute best for everyone and generously gives his all to ensure their success. He is a true gem in the industry and I feel so fortunate that he gave me a shot. Though performed in concert, the passion brought to the SAS stage makes the performances so much more. I am very much looking forward to next season. 

Monica Camafreita Soprano

It has been a great privilege and honor to work with SAS PERFORMING ARTS under the spirited leadership of Stephen Scovasso.  He has assembled a multi-talented ensemble of leading and emerging professionals in musical theater, opera, and drama, and along the way has created a family through his warmth and caring nature. His organization has been a blessing particularly during the pandemic.  I don’t think I would have been able to manage the ups and downs of the COVID crisis had I not had this wonderful outlet to feel that I am growing as a performer in the new medium of virtual theater. I can honestly say that I am moving forward when most of us bemoan that our lives have been standing still. I wholeheartedly thank SAS for that.  I am so excited to be on a journey with this company and have the chance to watch its boundless potential continue to flourish and be fully realized. The role of the arts in today’s fragile world can never be minimized, and SAS PERFORMING ARTS,I know, will see that meaningful artistry has its rightful place in continuing to stir the hearts and souls of its viewers.

Paul Fraccalvieri



It is a great honor and pleasure serve as Artistic Advisor for SAS Performing Arts Company and Studios. I have known Stephen Scovasso since our early days of working together as young artists in New York City. His deep abiding love for and commitment to the vocal arts combined with decades  of experience and a wealth of vocal performance knowledge makes working with SAS Performing Arts a joyful and rewarding experience. --

KS Tichina Vaughn

Grammy Winner, Associate Prof of Voice Indiana University

Metropolitan Opera, Dresden Oper, Vienna State Opera, Royal Opera London

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"Stephen Scovasso is an amazing director who gives constant encouragement to his actors and singers, and because of that their talent and confidence in their work grows. I can say that because that's what it's done for me. He also cultivates a safe, understanding and wonderful work environment for all of his actors, which is a blessing."

Tyler Ayala VanTassel


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