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SAS Dramatic Arts Studios

Creating a Character


  • bring (something) into existence.

  • cause (something) to happen as a result of one's actions.

  • (of an actor) originate (a role) by playing a character for the first time.                               

  • economics" ·

    synonyms: basis · starting point · base · point of departure · beginning · premise ·

This workshop is designed to help you explore the rehearsal process that will support the development of your character, inspire new ways of thinking, and breaking down a scene.

Participants begin to understand how to analyze a script to define and create a character that allows them to be engaged in the action around them and, ultimately,  believable to the audience. 


These sessions will lay the foundation of the actor's craft and features exercises and techniques to help you prepare to enter into the mind and body of a character. It will build on the foundation of basic acting methods. It will help the actor unlock your body as well as your mind and open them to feelings and sensations which you can draw on when needed.


Our program will also feature the beginnings of scene study and analysis through monologues and ensemble work. The scene study will demonstrate how to feel the rhythm of a scene and how the actor fits into the scene. Scripts to be chosen from classic to contemporary works. Participants will present scenes in class and discover pathways to develop their technique. The emphasis for this class is on non-musical works.


For more experienced actors it is an opportunity to reconnect to the basics of character exploration and scene study, while also continuing to sharpen their audition skills. The emphasis for this class is on non-musical works. Participants will have an opportunity to experience exactly what the audition process is like for both professional theatre auditions as well as for television and film.

This class has limited enrollment, is  () weeks long, and meets once a week for three (3) hours.

Participants will also be required to rehearse on their own before the session presentation.

Audition video required (Please see below for the link to registration form)

Age: 18+

The cost is $.


Please Note:

The participant's obligation is for the full-time period of the workshop. All payments for workshops are non-refundable except in the event of a workshop cancellation.
If you need to cancel a workshop or workshop session, for any reason, you must notify us by email no later than one week before the workshop or workshops session is scheduled. If you discontinue any workshop before the ending date of the session, you forfeit the deposit amount. As our faculty are all working professional actors and musicians, SAS Performing Arts Studios reserved the right to change teachers at any time due to last-minute changes in their professional schedules.  Please see SAS Performing Arts Studios Payment Policies for additional information regarding cancellation policies.  

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