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SAS Performing Arts 4th Annual Opera Vocal Competition

Part of SAS Performing Arts Company and Studios mission is to focus on recognizing and creating opportunities for emerging artists and helping to support them to the next level of artistic development.

To achieve that, we have instituted a competition for emerging artists. Since our first competition in 2020,  SAS has awarded over $20,000 to emerging artists to assist them in their career development. Past winners have gone on to various young artist programs and make their debuts with major companies across Europe and the United States including The Metropolitan Opera, Tulsa Opera, Florida Grand Opera, The English National Opera, and Staatsoper Berlin.

Our Semi final competition in September and final competition will be a  held live.
We are very excited for our 2023 competition.

Competition Awards

1st Prize: $3,500

2nd Prize: $1,500

3rd Prize:  $1000 - The Luana DeVol Award for Dramatic Voices

Classical Cross Over Award: $500 - The Frank Surdi Memorial Award

Incentive Grants: $100  - The Jeanette Reith Larsen Memorial Incentive Award



The initial submission process is now open online.

The cut off for applications is August 15, 2023.

The semi-final rounds will be held live September 16-17, 2023 in New York City.

The final Competition will be held live November 4, 2023 in New York City.


  • The competition is open to all performers who desire a career in opera and classical crossover.

  • The performer's challenge: present to the judges a proper technique, an understanding of the text and   style of the selection through their understanding of the music and lyrics.

  • Classical crossover is a genre that hovers between classical and popular music, and is usually targeted  at fans of both types of music. In the most common type of crossover, classically trained performers  (most often operatic superstars) sing the Great American Songbook, show tunes, or holiday songs.  These submissions must be in English.

  • Age Requirement 18+


  •  $ 35 Application Fee*

       *Application Fee non refundable



  • Complete the online application

  • The cut off date for applications is August 15, 2023.

  • Please follow submission guidelines for Opera category as well as Crossover category completely.

  • If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at :

  • Throughout the competition, the decision of the judges is final.


  • Submit three (3) complete arias in, at least, two (2) different languages (one being English).

  • If you are interested in the Crossover award, please include one selection of this nature in English.

  • The submission should be of a good quality audio or video recording. A recording that is not clear  cannot be judged.  

  • Each selection should be provided as a separate upload.

  • No repertoire changes are allowed after submission materials are received by SAS Performing Arts Company and Studios, Inc.

  • Your most recent headshot and resume must be downloaded.

  • Please process the application fee online.


  • The Semi-finalists will be announced by email and on social media on August 30, 2023.

  • The Semi-Finals will be held on September 16-17, 2023. Each semi-finalist will be invited to compete live (Location to be announced).

  • All Semi-Finalists are hereby informed that we may use their video, biography, and headshot in our publicity and promotional materials.


  • Finalists will be announced by email, on our social media pages, and in a press release no later than October 4, 2023. All finalists will be featured on our social media and website leading up to our final round. 

  • The Finalist Concert will be held live in New York City on Saturday November 4, 2023  in keeping with COVID-19 precautions at the time.  Participation in the semi finals and finals is required in order to be eligible for consideration.

  • The winners will be announced at the end of the final competition.

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