Krishna Alexander – Mezzo Soprano

Lucy Altus – Mezzo Soprano

Michael Anderson – Tenor

Lauren Auge – Soprano

Kristina Bachrach – Soprano

Ashley Becker – Soprano

Lisa Bryce – Soprano

Leah Brzyski – Soprano

Alexandra Burkot – Soprano

Karl Buttermann – Baritone

Andres Cascante – Baritone

Katherine Chacon – Soprano

Sigal Chen – Soprano

Linda Collazo – Mezzo Soprano

Sebastien Comtois – Tenor

Josaphat Contreras – Tenor

Allison Deady – Mezzo Soprano

Blake Denson – Baritone

Adia Evans – Soprano

Robert Feng – Bass

Emily Geller – Mezzo Soprano

Kristen Gillis – Soprano

Robert Hartfield – Tenor

Carami Hilaire – Soprano

Heather Hjelle – Soprano

Shannon Keegan – Mezzo Soprano

Wilbert Kellerman – Bass

Minji Kim – Soprano

Chelsea Kolic – Soprano

Ashlee Lamar – Soprano

Fran Daniel Laucerica – Tenor

Cornelia Lotito – Mezzo Soprano

Shaina Martinez Azzopardi – Soprano

Dorian McCall – Baritone

Kyle Miller – Baritone

Philip Modinos – Tenor

Vanessa Naghdi – Soprano

Olivia Ottinger – Mezzo Soprano

Abigail Raiford – Soprano

Lisbeth Rasmussen Juel – Soprano

Georgia Rehbock – Soprano

Sarah Richmond – Mezzo Soprano

Laura Sanders – Soprano

Lauren Silberstein – Soprano

Emily Solo – Soprano

Melanie Spector – Soprano

Ramon Gabriel Tenefrancia – Tenor

Victoria Thomasch – Mezzo Soprano

Gillian Watson – Soprano


Aprile Millo
Saturday Nov 6, 2021 1:30pm.

Internationally renowned soprano Aprile Millo will sit down with Artistic Director Stephen Scovasso to talk about Opera,  her career, and the state of the operatic art form. Join us for this free virtual event. 

To register:

 Hands on laptop in office.jpg


 Hands on laptop in office.jpg


2nd Annual Vocal Competition

We want to take this opportunity to thank each and every artists for participating in our 2021

Vocal Competition. We received numerous applications from around the world, and it took a

while to listen and judge each one of them. It was exciting to hear so many wonderful singers

and unfortunately it made the judging process that much more difficult.   Each and every singer

had such wonderful qualities and we honor each and every applicant and wish them continued

success on their journey. 

Today, we release the names of those moving to the next level of competition.  

Those moving ahead will receive an email detailing the next step for the competition.


Congratulation to each of you. 



(In Alphabetical Order)


 Hands on laptop in office.jpg
 Hands on laptop in office.jpg


Sat October 23 at 1:30pm EDT

Does operatic acting mean standing in one place while singing? Could it also involve overacting because someone is singing in a foreign language? Does it suggest an acting technique that is somehow different from acting in the spoken theater?

The iconic Constantin Stanislavsky believed Opera singers should "combine the art of living a role with its musical form and the technique of singing."


The purpose of this workshop is to present an introduction to the foundation of the singing actor's craft.

Learn to answer the Who, What, Where, When, and Why of your character,  your understanding of the text, and how these answers propel your character's actions and reactions.       

Our free workshops are supported in part by a generous grant from The New Jersey Council Of The Arts.

An Introduction to Script Analysis -

Sat. October 30  at 1:30pm

This workshop is a specialized script analysis class in conjunction with building a character from the text. 

We will analyze the structure and related elements of the text and explore the various choices that the actor might select when playing the scene in performance. 


Every actor should become a detective and look for clues that lie in the script, buried in the author's text.

Our free workshops are supported in part by a generous grant from The New Jersey Council Of The Arts.


SAS Performing Arts Company and Studios, Inc. is proud to be a supported by Amazon Smile. When you make a purchase through Amazon Smile, a portion of your sales is donated to SAS.

 We are passionate about celebrating performance whether it is Drama, American Musical Theater or Classical music . We believe the performing arts elevate, entertain and, most importantly, educate. Especially during these times, creating a way to produce a version of theater that you will enjoy takes time, talent, and financial support.