SAS Performing Arts Company and Studios, Inc. remain vigilant to the global and local news regarding the COVID–19 pandemic. This disease presents substantial trials for all performing arts organizations.

During the past several months, we postponed all classes, workshops, masterclasses, and performances as we explored different avenues to safely resume our activities for our participants, artists, patrons, and staff. Our path ahead seems very straightforward.

We plan to create a more prominent social media presence. At the same time, we will begin to resume our classes and workshops, which will now be held via an online platform and finally, produce online and live stream productions of classic repertory.

During this time, we appreciate our public’s thoughtfulness.  We are confident that there will be a bright horizon for the performing arts, and we want to continue to move forward to that future. 



In response to the shameful and disgraceful racist acts across our nation, SAS Performing Arts Company and Studio, Inc. confirm its pledge to be a representative for change. We call upon all performing, creative, and technical artists, staff, board members in every genre of the performing arts, and every audience member who has benefited from their talent to join us to remove racism and safeguard justice in New York City and the country. The world is complex, and drama, music, and dance unite people in a way nothing else can.
Performing Arts Organizations should never participate in such deplorable practices, and performance spaces should never be a setting where prejudice should permeate the atmosphere.
We will continue to encourage all artists of color, audiences, educators, and staff.
We hear you; we support you; we stand with you.


On Saturday September 26,2020, SAS Dramatic Arts Studio, SAS American Musical Theater Studio, and SAS Opera Studio will take part in a Live Streamed "Concert of Remembrance" to honor the victims of the Covid-19 pandemic.



Classes and Workshops

SAS Dramatic Arts Studio, SAS American Musical Theater Studio, and SAS Opera Studio  is proud to announce the resumption of our classes and workshops using the Zoom platform. LEARN MORE



We are pleased to announce our first performing arts competition open to performers in the fields of  Opera and the American Musical Theater. Artists will compete for prizes with a top prize of $3000



Contact Us

If you want to stay in touch with our programs in  Drama, American Musical Theater, Opera and Classical Music, please join our mailing list:


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SAS Performing Arts Company and Studio, Inc. is a proud member OPERA AMERICA and The New York Alliance of Resident Theatres.

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