Currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all programs and workshops are offered via the zoom platform which will benefit all performers, regardless of their level of artistic expertise. 



Each program is priced to allow affordability and, in certain cases, payment plans can be arranged.  A limited number of full or partial scholarships may be available for each division. For those interested either in the scholarship or deferred payment, please refer to the Policy tab Payments and Scholarships.


Due to the COVID - 19 pandemic, until further notice, our schedule has now changed to an online format. Throughout the year, the studios will typically offer classes and workshops in various performing arts genres. Sessions meet at convenient times during weekdays, weeknights, and weekends and will meet either once or twice a week and will culminate in a class or workshop performance where all participants will have an opportunity to showcase what they have been perfecting during the sessions.

Special weekend workshops cover specialized topics like the business of a performing career, audition technique, as well as masterclasses by guest faculty.
Fall sessions begin typically in mid-September. Spring programs generally start anywhere from mid-January to early February. Our summer session is from July - August.




By the conclusion of each program, we trust that our faculty, together with our participants, would have taken part in a satisfying experience. We believe a process of training is the essential core for each performing artist whose unique talent and potential is cultivated, encouraged, and ultimately realized in their performance, which is then rewarded by their audience and peers.
Take some time and look over our classes and workshops. We hope you will find something enjoyable, ultimately worthwhile, and rewarding, eventually finding yourself in the spotlight, taking a bow.

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