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Division I: Opera


FINALS:December 13, 2020


 Division II: American Musical Theater - Postponed until  MARCH 21, 2021

SAS Performing Arts Company, Incorporated is pleased to announce our first performing arts competition.

Our company's mission is to focus on creating and helping to support developmental opportunities for emerging artists to study. To achieve that, we have instituted a competition for artists in the performing arts. Artists will compete for prizes with a top prize of $3000. The complete process will be online to allow for COVID-19-related restrictions. 




  • The competition is open to all performers.

  • The competition's desire is to recognize artists who demonstrate that they can sing as well as create a character through their voice. 

  • The performer's challenge is to present to the judges a proper technique, an understanding of the text, and style of the selection.

  • There is no age limit.


  • September 16, 2020 - October 25, 2020 (Cut off): $50 Deadline Extended.


*All application fees are non-refundable.


Division I: Opera


Division II: American Musical Theater 


1st Prize: $3,000

2nd Prize: $2,000

3rd Prize:  $1,000

Audience Favorite Award: $250

Incentive Grants: $100 

All entrants will be mailed feedback on their submission if they choose. 


















Complete the online application form on the website.  APPLICATION - CLICK HERE

The application cut off date is October 25, 2020.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact or staff at :

The Repertoire selections required: 

  • Division I: Opera: A total of 3 arias in at least two different languages. One aria must originally be in English. No more than one Art Song or Lieder might be substituted. 

  • Division II: American Musical Theater: A total of 3 pieces with two selections chosen from the following composers: Rodgers and Hammerstein, Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim, Andrew Lloyd Weber, and Stephen Schwartz. 


  • The first round will be an audio submission only (no video selections will be allowed).

  • Attach three (3) audio selections only for the first round. The submission should be a good quality MP3 recording, demonstrating the applicant’s vocal skill. 


  • Recordings should be of clear quality and include only the pieces submitted to the judges. Each selection should be provided as a separate upload and include piano accompaniment.

  • The judges will receive only the audio selections but not the applicant's information.

  • No repertoire changes are allowed after submission materials are received by The Company.

  • Selections must be well-recorded and clear. A recording that is not clear cannot be judged.

  • A recent headshot and resume must be downloaded.

  • Please process the application fee online.


  • The Semi-finalists will be announced by email, on social media, and in a press release on November 1, 2020.

  • Each semi-finalist will be invited to submit:

    • Three (3) video recordings in keeping with the repertoire requirements, as noted above. These video submissions may be the same selections as on the audio recordings; For the Semi-finals, you are free to submit other pieces if you would like.

    • Repertoire list

    • A 250-300 word biography.

  • These materials must be uploaded to SAS Performing Arts, through their website, no later than November 15, 2020.

  • All Semi-Finalists are hereby informed that we may use their video, biography, and headshot in our publicity and promotional material.

  • If materials not received by the cut off date, participant will be disqualified from the competition.


  • Finalists will be announced by email, on our social media pages, and in a press release no later than November 24, 2020. All Finalists will be featured on our social media and website leading up to our final round.

  • The final round, held December 13, 2020, will be a streamed concert of select videos submitted by our finalists. No additional or new materials will be needed for the Finals.

  • We strongly encourage all finalists to attend the finals concert with as many family and friends as possible.

  • The winners are announced at the end of the Concert.

Judges - Division I - OPERA

Dr. Isola Jones - Metropolitan Opera, Paris Opera

KS Tichina Vaughn - Dresden Opera , Metropolitan Opera

Maria Giorgio. - Aritistic Advisor SAS Performing Arts Company

Stephen Scovasso - Conductor, Coach SAS Performing Arts Company

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