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Mime Artists
Participant Policies
Participant Attendance

Participants are expected to attend their chosen class or workshop sessions after enrolling for SAS Performing Arts  Company and Studios, Inc.  It is the participant's responsibility to contact the Studio's office and/or notify the instructor when he/she cannot attend a session. Participants who plan to arrive after the start of the class or workshop must notify the office or teacher before the class starting time.  Lateness must have a valid reason. After two repeated and unexcused absences, the office will be in touch with the participant to determine further interest in the class or workshop. After three consecutive, unexcused absences, participants will no longer be able to continue in the sessions. Participants may be dropped without a refund if repeatedly late, unprepared, or absent. If there is an end of workshop performance, in discussion with the Instructor and Studio, unprepared participants will not perform in this performance.

Cancellation Policy

SAS Performing Arts Studios reserves the right to cancel individual workshop dates or entire workshops based on enrollment to the class or workshop. In the event that a individual date is canceled, the Studio will make a suitable effort to re-schedule another date for the missed session and no refund will then be given to participants who are unable to attend this make-up session. In the event that another session cannot be scheduled or an entire workshop is cancelled, SAS Performing Arts Studios will refund participants a pro rata share of the workshop price that has been paid by the particpant (for example, if one class in a ten-class workshop has been cancelled, 10% of the course tuition will be refunded as originally paid.)  SAS Performing Arts Company and Studios, Inc. are not responsible for refunds or reimbursement for any expenses other than workshop tuition.

Workshop Participation

When the SAS Performing Arts Studios offers entry level workshops,  they are open to all participants and registration may be completed online through this website.  All other workshops are for more advanced participants who must submit a resume and set up an audition or submit a performance video and/or audio of either a scene, monologue, song, or aria before registration.

Please submit your application and materials online through our audition submission form located at the end of each workshop description pages.

Waiver of Liability

SAS PERFORMING ARTS COMPANY AND STUDIOS, INC. endeavors at all times to maintain a clean and safe learning environment. Nonetheless,  the SAS Performing Arts COMPANY AND STUDIOS, INC. cannot be a guarantor of safety and each student, by entering the   Studio facilities, assumes all risk of injury, loss, bodily harm and other damages. By entering the studio facilities, you will be deemed to have waived all right to recovery from the SAS Performing Arts Company and Studio, Inc. and its affiliates (and their respective employees, agents, and directors) for any such injury, loss, bodily harm and other damages, other than those directly resulting from the gross negligence or willful misconduct of  the SAS Performing Arts Company and Studio, Inc.

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