"In Remembrance"

Free streamed concert featuring artists from the world of Opera and American Musical Theater.

Saturday, September 26, 2020  7:30pm

Artists from SAS Performing Arts Company, together with performers from Europe and South America, will take part in a free streamed concert called      "In Remembrance."  The program, which honors and remembers the victims of the Covid-19 pandemic, consists of Classical music, The Great American Songbook, and Spirituals.  Please join us and at www.sasperformingarts.com to receive your free registration code.


Participating Artists (In Alphabetical Order)*:

Chantal Braziel, Delaney Charlotte Burke, Paul Fraccalvieri, Maria Giorgio, Edwin Jhamal Davis, Dr. Isola Jones, Lauren Landman, Dean Marino, Roberto Nadalet and Lilia Saldano, Esther Peterson, Elisabeth Ritscher, Emily Samuelson, Alex Schecter, Jane Shivick and Mark Mummert, Sage Spiker, Deborah Surdi, Nick Stamatakis, Tyler VanTassel,  and KS Tichina Vaughn and Peter Illavsky.


*                                                             *as of 9/3/20

SAS Performing Arts wants to thank all of our

Participating Artists

Chantal Braziel

Delaney Charlotte Burke

Edwin Jahmal Davis

Paul Fraccalvieri

Maria Giorgio

Dr. Isola Jones

Esther Peterson

Sage Spiker

Lauren Landman

Elisabeth Ritscher

Deborah Surdi

Dean Marino

Emily Samuelson

Roberto Nadalet and Lilia Saldano

Alex Schecter

Jane Shivick

Tyler VanTassel

KS Tichina Vaughn

Nick Stamatakis

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